4 Signs You Need To Rewire Your Home

Posted on: 27 December 2017

Your home's electrical system is arguably the most important system within your home, as it provides the power that allows all other appliances and systems to work properly. When it's working properly, you may not give your electrical system and wiring any thought at all, but when it begins to malfunction, it can cause a massive disruption to your home and your day to day routine. Understanding the early warning signs of electrical system wear can allow you to identify the problem early and contact an electrician to rewire your home before an electrical failure occurs.

Tripping Breakers

One of the first warning signs that faulty or old wiring will create will be constantly tripping breakers. If you notice that you're having to constantly go to your home's power box to reset the breakers multiple times a month, you likely have some sort of issue with your wiring that is causing power fluctuations, which will eventually blow the fuses and can cause all sorts of damage to your electrical appliances.

Flickering Lights

Another warning sign of poor or damaged wiring within your home that is easy to notice if the lights within your house are flickering, or suddenly seem much dimmer than before. This can point to wiring that has degraded, either due to age or general wear, and is no longer able to provide the proper amount of power to your lights. Other appliances may not run as well or as powerfully as well, though this can be harder to notice.

Sparking and Burn Marks

If the plugs to your appliances spark when you plug them in, or if you notice that there are blackened or burnt areas around your outlets, you may have a wiring issue within your home. It's important to have this addressed quickly, as faulty wiring that is causing excessive sparking or minor burns is at a significantly higher risk of starting an electrical fire, which is a serious safety concern.

Burnt Smell

Similar to the above point, another clear indication that your home may be in need of being rewired is if you notice a strong smell of burning or charring around your house, even if you don't see signs of fire or electrical damage. This can usually be attributed to faulty wiring behind the walls of your home, which can cause burning and damage out of your line of sight (where it is still nevertheless just as serious).

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