Partner With An Electrician To Make Your Home "Smarter"

Posted on: 7 June 2016

If you're the type of person who is constantly buying the latest tech gadgets – smartphones, tablets, drones and more – you might be interested in the idea of upgrading your home to include several smart technologies. Instead of getting overwhelmed with trying to make these upgrades on your own, consider hiring an electrician. With a licensed professional on your side, he or she will be able to make all of your smart technology dreams comes true and give you a true state-of-the-art home to meet your 21st century demands. Here are some upgrades to consider.

Keyless Door Lock

If you've ever been annoyed with fumbling for your house keys in the dark or perhaps while you're carrying a bag of groceries, you'll be able to say goodbye to this outdated conundrum by having your electrician install a keyless door lock on your front door. There are many such types of lock on the market, but a common variety pairs with a smartphone app. The door lock is then "smart" enough to detect when the smartphone is within close proximity – namely, you're outside and ready to enter the home – and it will then unlock the door to allow you to enter without needing your house key.

Smart Thermostat

Upgrading your conventional thermostat to a smart thermostat will make your life easier and save you money – and it's impossible to discount the fact that a smart thermostat just looks funky on your wall. Your electrician can remove the old thermostat from your home and replace it with a new model that syncs up with an application on your smartphone. When the thermostat and app are paired, you'll be able to control the temperature in your home from any location, as long as you have your phone with you.

Smart Light Switches

Another key addition that your electrician can make to your home is the installation of smart light switches in many of the rooms in which you spend the bulk of your time. The design of these switches varies; many of them will allow you to adjust the level of the lights in the room, as well as turn them on and off, from an app on your smartphone. Some products will take things a step further – you can actually configure your desired lighting levels in certain rooms (for example, you might favor low light in your home theater) and as soon as you walk into that room with your smartphone in your pocket, the light switch will "know" to adjust the light to your specifications.

For more help with electrical upgrades, contact local electrical services.