What Every Property Owner Needs To Know About Electrical Panels

Posted on: 4 January 2016

Safety problems within electrical systems may arise as a result of outdated or insufficient electrical panels. Fires are an example of a serious problem posed by faulty electrical panels. Perhaps you are experiencing seemingly unimportant signs such as your circuit breaker shutting off. Underestimating signs of electrical problems may place you and your property at risk. The following will aid in helping you better understand your electrical panel and the cues that could indicate that an electrical panel upgrade is needed.

Fuse Box Panels

Some older properties may still have fuse boxes installed in them. This may not seem like a major issue at first glance, but today's demands for electricity are considerably more than the demands of yesteryear. This can result in wires overheating. Some property owners attempt to use larger fuses in an effort to keep fuses from blowing, but this is also a potential fire hazard. Only replace blown fuses with the correct replacement fuse amperage. Frequent fuse blowing is a telltale sign that an electrical upgrade may be needed.

Circuit Breaker Panels

Perhaps you have a circuit breaker installed. You may still be in need of an electrical upgrade. You may have noticed that your breaker has been switching into the off position on a regular basis. This happens when a breaker detects an unsafe level of electrical current.

Examples of circumstances that may have caused this to happen recently are a recent remodel such as adding a new room or new appliance. The demands for more electricity could be overworking the capacity of your electrical system, and the circuit breaker shutoffs could be the system's safety attempt to protect your property against fire, electrocution of people and pets, and providing a subtle level of protection to your electronics. Keep in mind that a power surge could still damage electronics. 

Update vs. Replacing

In some cases, it is not necessary to replace electrical panels that have circuit breakers. Electricians may make adjustments to the existing systems to ensure that they meet the needs of property owners. For example, an additional circuit breaker could be added to a property to accommodate for the increased energy demands that result from adding a new room to a property.

An electrical contractor is the best resource to use to determine whether or not you need an electrical upgrade. They can inspect your property to determine whether your electrical panel inconveniences are a minor issue, a safety issue or an issue that is the result of your current system not meeting your electrical demands.