How Hiring An Electrician Can Help You Pass Inspection

Posted on: 21 October 2015

Does your office need to pass an inspection before you open your doors for business? If so, and you are in an office that hasn't had any upgrades in years then you may need to improve the quality and safety of the electrical wires that sit behind your office walls. Failing to do so can prevent you from passing inspection, which can delay you opening your business to consumers. Some of the benefits of hiring an electrician, such as from, are the following:

Disable Live Wires:

If there are electrical wires behind your office walls that are live and have no end connectors then this can pose a threat to your office. Having live wires that are not secure can potentially lead to fire hazards, which is why having these wires disabled is critical. Not only will you put your office at risk, but if a building inspector notices this, then you won't pass your inspection. So, hire an electrician to disable these unnecessary live wires, so you can protect your office and improve your chances of passing inspection.

Outlet Improvements:

Among the safety of your electrical wires, your inspector will likely take notice of your wall outlets and the location that they are in. Having outlets too close to each other can sometimes be a violation to the safety codes, so by hiring an electrician, you can ensure you have any necessary improvements to the location of your outlets before your inspector arrives. Not only can your electrician relocate outlets if needed, but he or she can install newer outlets that provide surge protection, which can keep your appliances and electronics safe from receiving too much electricity.

Cable and Wire Management:

Safety is the biggest concern an inspector will take into consideration when inspecting your office. If your electrical wires aren't tied together and if you have ethernet and power cables running along your office floors then this can definitely hurt your chances of passing your inspection. Well, an electrician will be able to provide you with both cable and wire management. This will allow you to have those long running cables hidden and in a neat position, so you can prevent potential mishaps from people walking and tripping over these cables.

These improvements won't only help you pass your office inspection, but can lead to a more efficient and safer electrical set-up, which can potentially help prevent office damages and mishaps from occurring.