Having Problems With Your Dishwasher? Here Are 3 Possible Solutions

Posted on: 16 October 2015

Minor problems can render your dishwasher useless, forcing you to do the dishes by hand. However, most issues can easily be diagnosed and fixed without much hassle. Here is a look at 3 dishwasher problems and their solutions.

A dishwasher that won't work

If your dishwasher doesn't work at all, the problem could be a tripped breaker that is cutting off power to the appliance. If there are no issues with the breakers, faulty wiring could be the problem. Typically, dishwashers are wired directly to an electrical circuit, so have an electrician check the main wiring connection from the house for burnt/frail wires. Any faulty wire connections must be replaced immediately to prevent a short circuit that may damage other appliances.

A faulty dishwasher door switch could also cause your dishwasher to fail. Remove the interior liner of the door and have an electrician perform a continuity test to check if any current is flowing through the switch. A multi-meter should detect any disconnections in the wiring between the door and the lower part of the dishwasher, or the door wiring and the timer. Any brittle, broken or burned wires and connectors should be replaced so that power reaches the door switch.

The dry cycle is problematic

If your dishwasher isn't effectively drying your dishes, there could be 3 possible causes of the problems. Firstly, have an electrician check the heating element for defects. This vital component that helps dry the dishes can sometimes burn out due to a short circuit, and may need to be repaired.

The other possible cause of the problem is a defective thermostat. The thermostat monitors the temperature of the heating element so as to prevent overheating. If the thermostat has a problem, your dishwasher won't cycle on and off as it should.

Some modern dishwashers have a drying fan that blows warm air through the dish rack, effectively speeding up the drying cycle. If your dishwasher is taking too long to dry dishes, have an electrician locate and replace the fan to improve the performance of the appliance.

The cycle times are too long

To work effectively, your dishwasher needs to pre-heat the water used for cleaning. If cold water is entering the dishwasher, you may experience cycles that are too long as the appliance struggles to raise the water temperature. To speed up the cycle, increase the incoming water temperature by running the kitchen sink tap until the water gets hot before turning on the dishwasher.

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