Four Backup Solutions For When Blackouts Strike

Posted on: 15 October 2015

It can happen anytime of the day or night; the lights go out and do not come back on for hours. A century ago, this may not have been a problem. Today, with our modern lives, we rely on electricity to do many everyday tasks. This means that you will want to have a backup when the lights go out in your home. Here are some options you may want to consider to keep the lights going while the power is being reconnected:

1. Using A UPS To Back Up The Essentials

If you can handle roughing it, you may not need much to back up your home. You may still have things like computers and electronics that you want to use. UPS systems can be a great way to back up a computer and a few home electronics. These can be affordable for small homes, so you can get one for the TV and computer. You may also want to consider getting a couple of extra batteries if you want to extend the time they can provide power to your electronics.

2. Choosing A Small Gas Generator To Have Backup Power

Another option to back up your electricity is to buy a small gas generator. There are many of them that can operate a few appliances quietly. Generators can also be a good investment if you spend time in the outdoors and need to have a source of power. They may not power your entire home, but they can give you the electricity you need for essential things.

3. Installing A Backup Gas Generator For Your Entire Home

Backup generators can also be professionally installed. They can even be connected to natural gas lines and come on automatically when the power goes out. The system will allow you to have power and not even notice that there was ever a blackout. You may also want to consider a backup fuel tank for this type of system, in case there is also a problem with the gas lines or you can just use a tank.

4. Using A Large Diesel Generator For A Source Of Alternative Power

Large diesel generators have long been the conventional systems for backup power. Just like gas generators, these systems can also be set up to turn on automatically when the lights go out. You can also have them manually operated where you have to start them when the lights go out. Also, consider that installing a manual system is not going to really save you a lot of money.

These are some options that you may want to consider to back up the power in your home. If you want to ensure that your home is ready for the storm, contact an electrician and talk with them about installing a backup gas generator for your home.