First Time Living On Your Own? Be Aware Of 4 Electrical Problems You May Experience

Posted on: 15 October 2015

If you've just moved out on your own, you may not be prepared for the minor problems you might face. This is particularly true about electrical problems. Electrical problems can pop up anywhere in your home. While you should always have a licensed electrician take care of repairs, you can troubleshoot the problem before you call for assistance. Here are four electrical problems you may face in your new home.


You need extra light in one area of your home. You might think it's okay to increase the wattage of the light bulb you use. However, using a higher wattage than the light fixture calls for can lead to electrical fires and damaged wiring. As the socket overheats, the wires begin to melt. When that happens, sparks can fly from one wire to the next, creating an electrical arc. If you notice an electrical smell after installing a higher wattage light bulb, remove the light bulb and contact an electrician. Don't use the light fixture until it can be replaced. Removing the light bulb will not repair the damage. The light fixture will need to be replaced. 

GFCIs Missing

The electrical outlet in your bathroom has shorted out. You look for the GFCI switch – ground fault circuit interrupter switch – but your bathroom isn't equipped with one. If the home you just moved into isn't equipped with GFCI switches, you should have an electrician come out and install them in each of your bathrooms. The GFCI switch is designed to shut power off to the electrical outlet when power equipment comes in contact with water, or there is a short in the electrical outlets.

Lights Flicker in the Wind

If the lights flicker in your home whenever the wind blows, you should have an electrician come out. This could be a sign that the wires running from the main pole to your home have become frayed. If that's happened, you could be experiencing a short circuit whenever the wind blows. If the wiring is frayed, you'll need to have your home rewired.

Burn Marks on Your Outlets

Take a look at the outlets in your home. If there are visible scorch marks or the outlet appears to be melted, you should have them replaced. As outlets age, the electrical load can cause them to overheat.

You never know when you're going to be faced with electrical problems. The information provided above will help you identify potential issues you may be facing. You should never try to repair electrical problems by yourself. Contact an electrician like Chadwick Electric Services if you're experiencing any of the problems described above.