Why Are The Lights In Your Home Flickering? 3 Possible Reasons

Posted on: 14 October 2015

Electricity is vital in any home, and it is important to make sure that the electricity in your house is functioning properly and working safely. If you notice that lights in your home are dimming or flickering, you might wonder what is going on and whether you need help. Here are some of the reasons you may be seeing flickering lights.

You Aren't Using the Right Bulbs

You might first think that a flickering light means that the bulb has to be replaced, and many times that is the case--but not for the reason you think. Many times, it is not that the bulb has just come to the end of its usefulness, but that you are using the wrong bulb to start with.

Using the wrong bulbs will result in quicker burnouts after periods of dimming and flickering. If you use bulbs with wattages that are too high in recessed lighting systems, this can even lead the system to automatically shut off due to overheating.

To avoid this problem, look at cords of lamps, lamp bases and the sockets themselves to find information about the right bulbs for that particular fixture. If you aren't absolutely sure, stick with the lowest wattage bulbs available.

The Connection or Switch Needs Repair

If you notice that one light always seems to be flickering, there might be a problem with a loose connection or switch. If you jiggle a particular switch and that causes the flickering, this is usually the case. To fix this problem, you need to call in an electrician to tighten the connections.

Voltage Changes

Do your lights dim or flicker for a short period when you turn on your washing machine or vacuum? That is not necessarily anything unusual. The appliance you're turning on might be linked up to the same circuit, and when you power it up, there is fluctuation in the voltage supplied to everything on the circuit that can cause brief dimming of lights.

However, even though this may not be a big problem, you might want to consider having new circuits put in to make sure that your home can handle a higher electrical load.

Now that you know some of the reasons that the lights in your house may be dimming and flickering, be sure to notice where and when in your house this is happening. Next, relay this information to an electrical contractor like Mid City Electric who can come out and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.