What Are All The Benefits Of Installing Recessed Lighting In Your Kitchen?

Posted on: 14 October 2015

If you are thinking about having recessed lights installed in your kitchen, you might be wondering if they are worth the trouble of doing so. While recessed lights offer a nice warm light to any room, you should know there are other important benefits to consider about their installation. Check out these reasons to go with your idea of installing recessed lighting in your kitchen.

Greater Lighting In Your Kitchen Is Always Good

If you have even walked into your kitchen to start dinner late in the evening, you know the frustration of having one light over head in the ceiling. If you stand in front of your stove, your shadow makes it harder to see what you are cooking if you also do not have a light over the stove. When you install recessed lighting under your cabinets, the light is magnified and provides you with light in front of your shadow. This is especially handy when you are trying to prepare food at your counters by one light in the ceiling. Being able to see your food preparation in brighter, more direct light from recessed, under the cabinet lighting helps you avoid:

  • Foreign objects in your food like your hair, a real embarrassment especially if you are serving company.
  • Putting poor quality foods being put into your dishes. For example, the bad places in a piece of steak are harder to see by one light in the ceiling. If you are cutting up a slice of steak under recessed lighting, you have better chances of catching bad spots before cooking it.
  • Putting in the wrong ingredient measurements. If you are trying to read a box of processed food and are guessing at how much milk or water you are supposed to use because it is not bright enough to see well, you could end up with a waste of food when it does not turn out right.

Keeping Pests At Bay

If you have had trouble with household pests like roaches or mice, leaving on the recessed lights you have put under cabinets will help to keep them off your counters while you work with pest control to get rid of them completely. If mice droppings or dead bugs are on your kitchen counter, being able to see them before preparing foods is a lot easier with recessed lighting shining directly on your counter tops as well.

The benefits of installing recessed lighting in your kitchen are greater than just the warm, ambient glow they provide for achieving your decorative goals.

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