Troubleshooting And Fixing An Electric Dryer With No Heat

Posted on: 14 October 2015

An electric dryer that produces no heat to dry your clothes can be very frustrating. There are many different issues that can cause a no-heat symptom, and most can easily be fixed by simply locating the faulty part and fixing or replacing it. Here is a look at what could be wrong with an electric dryer that won't heat up and how you can get it firing again.

Check the power

Most electric dryers typically have a circuit that is run through a dual breaker switch. If one part of the breaker system fails, the dryer will usually only get enough power to tumble, but fail to produce sufficient heat to dry your clothes. Start by verifying that the dual breaker system to the dryer's electrical circuit is fully on, and then pop both breakers on and off to see if the appliance starts heating as it should. If this does not solve the problem, have your electrician come in and replace the breakers to ensure enough current reaches the dryer's outlet.

Perform a continuity test

In cases where the breaker system is not faulty, you will usually need to perform a continuity test so as to locate the source of the power failure.

A faulty heating element that won't produce enough heat is usually the most likely culprit. The element is normally a coil through which electrical current flows, creating heat that is absorbed by air blowing into the heating chamber. To check if there is enough current reaching the heating element, call in an electrician to unplug the dryer and locate the heating coil so that it can be tested using a multi-meter. Any breaks in the coil will affect the ability of the dryer to produce heat, and a continuity test will usually reveal any interruptions in the flow of current within the coil. If the heating element is faulty, it should be replaced.

Clean out the exhaust vent

In other cases, the high-limit thermostat on your dryer could have tripped, interrupting the flow of current to the heating element and thus causing a no heat symptom. The high thermostat often trips when the exhaust vent is restricted, reducing air flow within the heating chamber and thus causing overheating within the dryer. To fix this problem, have your electrician clear out the exhaust vent to improve airflow.

Having a professional electrician like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. service your dryer regularly can help prevent possible problems with the appliance as well as improve its energy efficiency.