Important Tips To Keep Your Company's Generator Running

Posted on: 13 October 2015

Do you own your own business? Is the building located in an area that receives frequent inclement weather? If you're frequently in need of a generator, especially during the winter months, it's extremely important to make sure that this piece of equipment is in working order. Here are some tips to help avoid this appliance failing at a crucial moment:

Have routine maintenance performed in the fall: In order to make sure that your generator is ready for use in case a blizzard hits, have a generator service company give your machine a tune-up when autumn rolls around. If you wait until winter to have this done, you may end up at the end of a very long waiting list, behind people whose generators have stopped working. Autumn maintenance will help to ensure that your generator is ready to go as soon as it's needed.

Don't keep your generator filled with fuel: If your generator is kept filled with gasoline when not in use, the fuel in the tank can go stale while it sits in storage. If your generator uses diesel fuel and not gasoline, this can also degrade over time which can potentially damage your generator. While there are some fuel additives that can help extend the lives of either diesel or gasoline, it's also best to keep your fuel stored in appropriate containers and not the generator itself. If you want to make sure that your generator kicks on immediately when needed, ask your generator service technician if it's okay to put just a gallon or two in the tank at once. If you drain the tank monthly and replace it with fresh fuel, you may be able to avoid the possibility of stale fuel hurting your generator.

Test your generator regularly: Your company is just as likely to need a generator backup for intense summer storms as it is for heavy winter blizzards. You may also have to deal with the results of a driving into and knocking down a power line. By setting up a regular testing schedule, such as once a month, you'll know that your generator is ready in case it's needed. If turns out that the generator doesn't start or that it has stopped producing power, your generator service company will be able to fix the issue before it becomes critical. Because being without power means a loss of revenue for you, having it fixed promptly can help to save you money in the long run.

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